Moneypaper/Temper Specials Ground Rules/Guidelines:

  1. The $20 Special enrollment fee is available to recipients of an e-mail list, so anyone that wants to participate should sign up for that e-mail. (See the right side of the home page.) Each e-mail will contain a link to order that stock at the special rate, along with the latest commentary from our Direct Investing newsletter. Moneypaper may send offers from time to time, but we do NOT share your e-mail address with outside parties. Links to the Specials will not be posted on the message board.

  2. Temper will accept payment only in U.S. funds, so foreign investors may need to establish a specific type of (“par-crossing”) checking account that can be deposited in a U.S. bank. Since this type of account will be necessary to invest in U.S. DRIPs on an ongoing basis, it’s a good idea to do so even before ordering from Temper.

  3. I cannot check on the status of orders from individual customers, for two reasons. First, I work in a different state than the Temper offices, so I am no closer to them than you are to your own phone. Second, and more important, I am legally barred from doing so because of SEC and FINRA regulations. Just as there is a “Chinese Wall” between analysts and brokers at the major investment houses, so, too, The Moneypaper writers/editors are forbidden from having access to customer information at Temper, a broker/dealer.

  4. The Special will not include Canadian (or other foreign-listed) securities. Temper is based in the United States and has no legal standing (or means) to do business on foreign stock exchanges, nor is it equipped to deal with foreign currencies.

  5. In general, the stock specials are designed to provide a convenient, affordable way for DRIP enrollment in companies that have wide appeal and are aimed at promoting diversification. We also try to feature only no-fee plans.

  6. In concert with number 5, we generally refrain from repeating companies too often, in order to make a wider variety of companies available. So, as a general rule, we won’t repeat a stock that has been featured in the past two years.

  7. We may post a non-binding poll to ask for preferences for the next Stock Special, but reserve the right to select offer a company that does not garner the most “votes” or was not listed if we feel that another opportunity is more compelling and would offer wider appeal. (Remember that the Specials e-mail goes out to many people who may not participate in a poll!)