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Date: 3/16/2009 11:45:43 PM
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Author: metestreus Country Flag
Subject: 20534/38790 - Re: Derek Foster on CBC about his new book
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I found his interview to be quite vague and didn't really answer many questions many of us wanted answered. He seemed evasive and vague as to why he got out of the market. It almost sounded like he is trying to time the market by his mentioning that he will get back in when the dividends on the DOW are around 6 % and not the 4% currently that he was referring too. Also, what about the fact that many of his holdings were Canadian and are companies which are for the most part doing fine and making money? Personally, I think he got most of us.....and is just trying to preserve his nest egg. If that is the case, he should just admit it.
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