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Date: 3/19/2009 12:09:40 AM
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Author: toolsntoys4u Country Flag
Subject: 20598/38790 - Re: Derek Foster on CBC about his new book
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Dose anyone remember the "Doww 100,000" book written by Kadlec. Or how about "Timing the Stock Market" by Alexander. "What works on Wall Street"by O'Shaugnessy.... or maybe "The Golden Fleece"by Stewart...

i believe there was a book written around 1998 about baby-boomers who were about to retire and downsize, therefore forcing housing market into a tail spin since they all need to sell their houses. look what happen in 2001-2007 :)

well worded SilentOneCanada. i agree with you, we should just leave the guy alone. i don't think anyone on this board lived through 1929, how can we judge. even 1987, how many held or new about drips. DF had a strategy, made some $ by selling it and now took the money off the table. there is nothing wrong with making a little profit

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