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Date: 12/12/2017 11:03:18 PM
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Author: TonyOhh Country Flag
Subject: 19881/19939 - Ben Franklin theory :)
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Hi All, funny a couple things crossed my mind as I logged in.... I was the first one to post to this sight maybe 20 years ago, I am using the same credentials i did at said 20 years ago :) real security .. anyway can you help a fellow chicken farmer out. I am looking to 1. buy shares for the grand kids locked up for 59-62 years they are 2-4-7 I put 600 bucks in then Philadelphia Suburban WTR water 17 years or so ago, never looked at it and today it is 5.5 k, my wish is to put 1k in three stocks and let it ride 50 plus years, long after this old mick is gone, my struggle is, what might be around in 50 years. Your crystal ball is as blurred as mine but i am open to suggestions
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