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Date: 1/1/2009 5:48:22 AM
Author: robiden Country Flag
Subject: 14707/35561 - A note to newbies from one of the same
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I see many postings where people are looking for their first share. I simply wanted to state that patience pays off.

I received my first certificate in mid-September. As of today, I now have 11 different companies in hand with 2 more on the way. Now I can concentrate on the OCP portion and start building my holdings on a regular basis.

If you persist, you will be successful. The organizer of one group buy that I was in sent me an e-mail later on asking if I wanted to participate in another. All that simply by being involved in the DRIPping community!

Good things happen. Don't view your pursuit of that first share as a pain. Think of it as the thrill of the hunt. It is much more rewarding.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year!
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