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1.) 9/7/2018 2:59:45 PM   ADUFFY   Re: Liquidating a DRIP   

you can deposit the certificated share with your broker. Please be aware of any applicable fees your bank or brokerage may charge. I use TD and there is no fee. This has been well documented on past posts so a search of the boards should provide .....

2.) 8/24/2018 8:49:53 AM   ADUFFY   Canadian Dividend Increases   

I realized I had missed a number of increases in my portfolio this year (always a pleasant surprise) Here is a link to a website that tracks these .....

Still to be confirmed but ENB likely buying all outstanding shares of ENF

4.) 7/4/2018 11:15:40 AM   ADUFFY   AST Website   

We certainly have had plenty of negative things to say about AST (and predecessor companies) over the years. I have to say though, their new web layout and functionality of the site is pretty good.

You can now view all stock holdings on .....

You can buy through a broker and then once the trade has settled you can communicate to the broker that you want to be enrolled in their brokerage DRP assuming they offer that service. You will not be able to receive partial shares and you will not .....

Yep, the math does not add up. I just fudged it in the end.

CIBC, CST and AST were better than CS prior to 2010 or 2011. At that time, CS beefed up their offering while the former did not. In fact, the service at CIBC/CST/AST has declined alarmingly ever since. I suspect it is due to a lack of investment in .....

I requested certificates from AST a couple of months back. Nothing. A joke

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