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Safety and the Dividend Champions – Part 1
Recessions are hard on even the strongest of companies. Dividend Champions are companies that have survived at least the past two recessions. I wanted to understand why companies that historically had been Dividend Champions lost that status and came to realize that this situation is quite rare. In part 1 I look at three companies that cut their dividends after a history of increases.
Stock Rover and the Dividend Investor
Stock Rover is software that I recommend and I use regularly.  From the perspective of a dividend investor, I find that it gives me valuable information when tracking my portfolio and considering new investments.  I am offering a quick overview of this very complete program so that you can decide for yourself whether or not it fits your personal needs.
The Best Books for Dividend Investors - Introduction
There are numerous books devoted to the subject of dividend investing.  In the coming year or so, I will offer information about many of them, though this introduction is not about a book at all.

About The Prudent Investor

by George L Smyth


A decade ago (yes, that long) I maintained this blog, which followed my live portfolio, including purchase announcements and explanations as to what I was buying and why. At the time I was making my purchases through a discount broker that charged no commission, which allowed for $100 dollar per month purchases. Then they changed their business model to charge $4.50 per purchase, which brought the idea to an end.

Fast forward a decade and I am now retired and spending the money in that portfolio (of course, as well as other investments). What I learned over the past 25 years of investing was that dividends, especially those in a Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRiP) were a large part of my ability to retire early and spend my time photographing and writing music.

So it is now my charge to let people know of the power of dividends and how they can be used to slowly and steadily build wealth. The Prudent Investor is for the small investor without monster resources, and is for those seeking to invest responsibly without the expectation of overnight riches. There is so much to dividends and so much I wish to share that I hope you have a chance to learn what I learned over the years.

I have been long Aflac, Johnson & Johnson, MMM and Essential Utilities (previously known as Aqua America) since the late 1990s and at the time you read this that will probably still be the case. For that reason I will use these companies as examples in these articles.

And also please note that The DRiP Investing Resource Center is the companion website to this blog. I created it in 2002 and it contains plenty of information, as well as an active group of like-minded investors, primarily from the United States and Canada, willing to offer their help. Please stop by if you get a chance.

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