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A Dividend Spreadsheet for Google Sheets
There are many options for tracking purchases. Some options, while powerful, may be intimidating to the new or small investor. This dividend spreadsheet is small and simple but has the flexibility to become whatever you wish over time.
Dividend Champions, Achievers, Kings and Aristocrats – A Comparison against the Indexes
There are numerous lists that track the length of time companies have raised their dividend.  Dividend Champions, Dividend Achievers, Dividend Kings and Dividend Aristocrats have similar names, but they have important characteristics that differentiate themselves from one another.
Dividend Investing Strategies – Dividend Growth
The dividend growth strategy allows for protection against volatility by relying on the growth of the company’s dividend to carry it through the wild and unpredictable swings of the market.  When interest rates shift and economic growth slows, affecting all in the stream, dividend growth can help balance the rocking boat.

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