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How Many Stocks Should You Own?
A reader asked me a question that boiled down to them wanting to know how many stocks should be in their portfolio.  It is a question with an answer that will be different for each person, but knowing how to arrive at that answer is simple.
Are Dividend Reinvestment Programs Dead?
Dividend Reinvestment Programs have been a staple for acquiring shares for years.  An alternative that supersedes this option is holding shares through a broker that offers the same advantages.  It is instructive to evaluate this option to determine if this DRiP still has a place for the dividend investor.
Canadians and Fee-Free Dividend Reinvestment Programs
Canadians have a different set of issues to deal with than Americans. Numerous advantages we have in the U.S. are just not available in Canada. In this article, a Canadian offers his methodology, in the hopes that it may be a starting point for others.

Why Dividend Radar?

by George L Smyth

When we started out building the Dividend Radar, it was important to us that we produce a free, user-friendly tool for dividend growth investors that had clear license terms.

From Jim Marino, Sr.

Here are the main benefits using Dividend Radar: Dividend Champions, Contenders, and Challengers:

     Dividend Radar is updated weekly (instead of monthly) with the latest market data, including all calculations. Many of the CCC list calculations are only updated annually. We chose to develop a "clean-room" implementation which did not depend on the original CCC list.

     Dividend Radar is fully automated and based on a defined set of rules. This automated, rules-based approach greatly reduces errors and inaccuracies that result from manually curated lists. Details on this approach and the rules used are described in this Seeking Alpha article co-produced by FerdiS and James Marino that provides the details.

     Dividend Radar data is broker-grade and sourced from S&P Global. This data is a major upgrade from free sources used to populate the CCC list. 

     Dividend Radar has value added metrics including a fair value indicator, total trailing returns, the latest dividend CAGRs, as well as other actionable data items. 

     Our pledge to always make the publication free of charge, licensed for personal and commercial use without any registration requirement. We selected the Creative Common License, which allows for free, individual and commercial use.

     To assist readers we have provided a CCC list mapping guide and data dictionary. The CCC list mapping guide explains the differences between the CC list and Dividend Radar. The data dictionary provides definitions for all data items in Dividend Radar. These documents can be downloaded from Dividend Radar.