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Date: 4/24/2018 8:42:08 PM
Author: mel1stef Country Flag
Subject: 19915/19954 - Re: TSP millionaire
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"Making it over 20, 30 years I say is easy. But so is making it now over 2 - 10 years due to the internet."

Agreed. The "new" world is very different. Taste and preference change rapidly, and values are very different with the new generations. With that said, these factors affect how certain old-fashioned stocks perform, for example KO, JNJ & PG, just to name a few. These stocks are considered rather lagging in the current upswing market. The current price of PG is that of the price around Oct 2007 (refer to one of my purchase), so is it really that great? Is it really that I have no patience. Of course dollar cost averaging got me covered, but I am just saying these stocks like PG or KO are no longer the choices for retirees.
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