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Date: 10/18/2018 6:27:00 AM
Author: studog Country Flag
Subject: 19923/19954 - Re: Wal-Mart Canada vs.VISA
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OperaBob on 6/21/2016 7:48:16 AM:
Yesterday I received an email from Costco US saying they would no longer accept Mastercard having previously dumped AMEX. It will now only be VISA.

Only about a year ago Costco Canada dumped AMEX and now only accepts Mastercard.

Fun story from my business trip earlier this year. I'm in New Jersey with some time to kill so decide to check out the Costco before dinner.

It turns out that one's Costco membership is valid worldwide, so I could buy things.

However, US Costco would not accept my Canadian Costco-branded Mastercard for payment.
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