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Date: 11/6/2018 6:35:48 PM
Author: IKan Country Flag
Subject: 3204/3217 - Nov 6
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Another nice profitable day for me.

Some of the movers today I watched or participated in Long mostly buy also Shorted.

The daily closing:

BOXL +92% (day high was ~ +110%)
VCEL +42% (day high was ~ +50%)
NAKD +43% (day high was ~ +46%,& was in a nice upward channel all day long)
GOGO +26% (day low at 9:26 am. $5.60 to day high of $7.79 at 11.21 am.)

AMD moved ~ +$2.00 today, again ($19.63 to $21.57 at day's high in the 1st 1/2 of the day). I Longed it & then Shorted it later.

HTZ I missed another of my favorites on occasion as it did a ~ $1.00 move after a nice morning open Dip Buy opportunity as I was watching others. Closed at $15.73.

There are many that moved +10%.

Cannabis stocks moved up a bit today as there is a vote in the U.S.A. to legalize it today or tomorrow as I recall.

Not sure if this is it: ...On November 6, voters in Michigan and North Dakota will consider initiatives legalizing and regulating marijuana for adults’ use. Also on Election Day, voters in Utah and Missouri will decide the fate of medical marijuana ballot measures.

Money provides freedom.
DRIP's are great but I wanted more.

IKan, who decided he did not want to wait until he was grey or white bearded before he has $$$ to have the freedom to enjoy life while still healthy and not old unable to do anything physically.
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