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Date: 12/12/2018 3:17:32 AM
Author: IKan Country Flag
Subject: 3209/3217 - Re: Nov 6
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Interview with an 8 figure guy who when was trading used to move and manipulate stocks.

When GM, General Motors was bankrupt back in 2008/2009 he got a phone call from the SEC asking if he was manipulating the stock? Lol. He had traded 10% of all of GM's shares that day. Not all at once but during that day when it's price was sub $1.00.

His biggest profit day was $1.5 million.

This guy moves stuff at times. Had +$16 million into LCI as of today.

Like anything in life, learn & get mentored by those doing it successful, not by those who just talk about and are not financially independant from doing it. Get educated. Just like if you want to learn to build houses. Do not listen to your barber but instead get mentored by an experienced home builder.....

And avoid lazyiness as everything in life takes time to get good at. The internet has everything we need. We live i great times.

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