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Date: 12/12/2018 5:46:01 PM
Author: IKan Country Flag
Subject: 3211/3217 - Re: Nov 6
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I am often amazed how so many people seem to not learn from those who are successful and usually say, "Show me" due to laziness. However, we are told everywhere that we cannot do it, via TV, news, financial industry and are not taught in school, not even college nor university. Not even business classes. They teach us to be good citizens and pay our taxes and be happy doing so.

I take this serious and hold no punches.
No one specific in mind, just a general thing.

Treat investing and trading like a hobby and one will never accomplish much.

Here is Sang Lucci who you should know if you are a retail investor or trader. Otherwise who and what have you been doing? He is a former prop floor trader and now in his mid 30's and trades options primarily & profits $50k - $200k in a day or week normally now. He made $172,000 2 days ago.


Hope this is helpful.

This is not for everyone. We need janitors, doctors, bankers (who are sales people), auto mechanics, teachers....


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