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Date: 2/3/2020 10:03:45 PM
Author: whitetomato
Subject: 19599/19638 - Selling shares
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While I am nowhere close to being ready to sell shares as I have recently started investing, I have a question or am seeking advice as to doing so. I became somewhat enamored with buying shares through sites like Computershare and EQ Shareowner due to the ability to buy some of the stocks without fees. Because I wasn't ready to buy, I admit I overlooked that information. For some reason, I started looking at it recently, and if I'm not mistaken it appears that pretty much all the companies have at least a $15 fee per transaction to sell. I remember a financial advisor saying that selling is like buying--in order to benefit from the concept of dollar-cost averaging do it over time, but clearly that would be stupid of me. The most cost-effective thing would be to sell all at once, and hopefully for a price higher than my cost basis.

Am I missing something here? I can't tell if transferring shares bears the same sort of costs, but would it be better to stop buying through these sites and start doing so through some of the more traditional online brokers like TD Ameritrade that no longer have fees either? I know I lose the ability to buy partial shares through such sites, but it also looks like I would avoid such selling fees.
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