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Date: 2/6/2020 1:20:28 PM
Author: GLSmyth Country Flag
Subject: 19601/19638 - Your Ideas Solicited
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You may (or may not) know that I have a blog at The Prudent Investor (, which is part of this website. This blog is specifically offered to the beginner and for those without monster resources.

Please take a look at what I have already written, and if you have any ideas for future articles then please post them here. I am looking to write less about DRiPs (although they will always be a major player in my portfolio) and more about dividend investing.

This is because while DRiPs were definitely the way to go years ago, today one can get an account with a discount broker, make small purchases without fees, and have dividends automatically invested into partial shares. I do like being able to make dollar specific purchases (as opposed to purchasing a specific number of shares), but for the person just coming onto the scene, going through the process of getting started with a DRiP can be daunting.

So if you've got any ideas then please post them here (or send me an email next to the "This website is maintained by" text below) and I will do what I can to help.

Cheers -

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