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Date: 1/1/2009 5:45:00 PM
Author: purple_d Country Flag
Subject: 12261/19661 - Re: brokerage account options - questrade?
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I went with TradeFreedom after trying out their software (guest platform). My old souped up 486 wasn't impressed by what I was asking it to do and the tech people were great through the process.

$1,000 to open and then no minimum. $9.95 for a trade (less for those who trade more). $50 + GST for a certificate. I have an account rep who I can phone and haven't had to wait on hold to reach him. I spent 7 minutes on hold requesting a certificate (2 weeks ago). They have a separate choice on the phone system for people who are in a trading position and need help asap.

Many of the companies have a referral special of some kind. So, if anyone in this community decides to sign up for an account, it could be useful to contact someone else herein and share the spoils!
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