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Date: 1/1/2009 9:36:03 PM
Author: Bert Country Flag
Subject: 12272/19638 - IPL Certificate Signature
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I am planning to pass on a certificate for one unit of Inter Pipeline Fund.

I have a question about signatures required on the back of the certificate.

At the top of the certificate there is an area to fill out the info on the transferee and for the current owner to sign with signature guarantee. However, below this area is a place for the signature of the transferee, after a paragraph that begins: "The above-named transferee accepts this transfer and agrees to be bound, as a party to and as a Unitholder in the Partnership by the terms of the agreement, .....".

My question is: Do I have to get the Transferee to sign the certificate in the indicated space?

I called Computershare twice and neither clerk was able to provide an answer. I do not recall signing an agreement when I obtained my starter share.

Does anyone know if I have to get the Transferee to sign the certificate before it goes to the TA?

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