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Date: 1/2/2009 6:07:12 AM
Author: DS Country Flag
Subject: 3292/9320 - Who's name to use...?
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I'm new to DRiPing, Stocks,...self investing.
Like Spousal RRSP's, I'm thinking it only makes sense to do all of my/our DRiPing in my wife's name, as well as setting up the Discount Brokerage account in her name as well?
My income is 3x my wife's and I will have a pension after 30yrs. She will have a tiny, if any pension, as she will retire when I do.

So as I ask ?'d in the beginning, should we do all of our DRiPing and Investing in my wife's name as her income is substantially less than mine? Tax's now and Retirement?

Thanks, Dave.
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