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Date: 1/2/2009 8:53:47 AM
Author: Garnet Country Flag
Subject: 3294/9319 - Re: Who's name to use...?
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Our outside RRSP investments are Garnet JTWRS Queen Bee (Joint transfer with right of survival) this way it's in both are names and if one passes the other is not broke.

Everything we have is the same way, early in my investing career I ran into a person who had everything in one spouse name and the bad happened in this case the wife was broke until bank account's and investments could be changed. She couldn't even borrow money for funeral expenses. Basically it was a mess.

I just took my 32 and out and understand that both retiring at the same time would be tough and that's what I read over and over.

CIBC Mellon has the same requirement JTWRS and I'm not sure were DRiP's are going to fit in I just know that I have 2 single shares on the way in each name. If they go in TFSA I use both, if we DRiP outside RRSP in will be joint.

Another thing Queen BEE gives me that blank stare when I talk about investments but I still try.


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