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Date: 1/6/2009 8:50:41 AM
Author: GLSmyth Country Flag
Subject: 1871/3169 - Re: Canadian Board unread posts?
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It looks like this bug is what we refer to, in technical terms, as a "glitch." Normally that means that the programmer has no clue, and that is half true in this case. The root of the problem is that the message number for is "123," which is incorrect. If that was the last message read, then I calculate the number of messages to be read as the current message number (around 19,000) minus the message number of the last message read, so obviously this creates great confusion. What I actually do when saving your message is to initially store the message number as "123," then when I read the message back, I replace the "123" with the proper message number. In this particular case, for some reason, the message was written to the database, but could not be immediately retrieved. Amusingly, I left a message to myself in the code that the way I was doing things was awkward and needed to be rethought at a later time, so if I get a chance, I'll revisit this portion of the code.

Thanks for pointing this error out.

Cheers -

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