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Date: 1/7/2009 3:18:46 PM
Author: Rascal Country Flag
Subject: 7/3424 - Hello everyone!
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Rascal on 1/7/2009 2:18:46 PM

I am the new moderator of the newest board! How cool is that ! I hope that I can do a good job here. I'm looking forward to the discussion.

I'm in the process of comparing Etrade and Trade Freedom. I'm still wondering about HSBC and why no one seems interested in it or why it rates so low on surveys. Perhaps I will find out on this board.

I hope that lots of you will share your insights and experiences to help others select the best fit for them.


doclobster on 1/7/2009 6:34:14 PM

You are a Rascal! And now you have a real name!

I may become confused.

Rascal on 1/7/2009 10:16:43 PM

You are a Rascal! And now you have a real name!

Doc, how did you know?

purple_d on 1/7/2009 10:47:15 PM

How'd he know you are a rascal? or... your real name - if the latter, see above where it says:
Brokerage Accounts
Moderator is Dianne Dachyshyn

Rascal on 1/8/2009 12:52:44 AM

I meant what tipped him off that I was a rascal?

doclobster on 1/8/2009 5:26:16 AM

Doc, how did you know?

Hey, I'm the product of higher education. I can figure these things out.
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