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  • MoneyPaper If one does not have an association with a discount broker, or if one's discount broker charges to turn stock over to its owner, MoneyPaper is probably the best place to go to get the initial share(s) to start a DRiP. I have used them and can recommend their service. They also maintain a list of no-fee DRiPs.
  • Canadian MoneySaver is an acclaimed investment advisory with a recognized reputation for providing a trustworthy and down-to-earth service since 1981.
  • Canadian Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs) An online resource with information, news and views on the world of DRIPs
  • Dividend Detective Ranks the universe of dividend-paying stocks based on financial strength, consistent dividend payout and growth history, and future dividend growth prospects.
  • Dividend Dog Catcher is a website that follows the strategy of the Dogs of the DOW.
  • Dividend Investor asks whether investors can make money in the stock market the "old-fashioned" way, buying and holding quality stocks, reinvesting dividends, using price declines to accumulate more shares, and pinching their pennies when it comes to transaction costs - the answer is unequivocally "yes."
  • Dividend Growth Investor a journey on a quest to achieve increasing dividend income stream from stocks with above average dividend growth which have the tendency to consistently increase their payments over time.
  • buyupside contains a large number of links that are concentrated on information about dividend investing.
  • Fat Premiums is a website devoted to analyzing weekly stocks & ETF options with unique methods.
  • Jim C. Otar's site looks at technical analysis in conjunction with DRiPs - primary emphasizing Canadian companies.
  • MoneyGeek combines decades of experience in financial literacy and data to provide comprehensive, easy-to-use tools to help users make smarter financial decisions.
  • finimize provides a 3-minute read of the day's main financial news stories. It's sophisticated enough for a financial professional but understandable enough for a casual reader. You can sign up for their daily email here.
  • Motley Fool Since 1997 The Motley Fool has been providing information to those who wish to make informed stock purchases. They also offer Discussion Boards that allow people interested in DRiPs to congregate.
  • ValuEngine is an award winning independent research provider that runs sophisticated models and research on over 4,000 US, and 1,500 Canadian stocks.
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Information about REITs

  • The Intelligent REIT Investor - Brad Thomas researches and writes on a variety of real estate based fixed-income alternatives including both publicly-traded and non-traded REITs.
  • National Association of REITs In-depth site with lots of data and publications. Check out the entire site, as it's very large, with a LOT of useful information in many different places.

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