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InvestMete for Google Sheets

by George L Smyth

It may be more helpful to use InvestMete using Google Sheets.  Fortunately, Google Sheets offers an easy way to get the information that is needed, so you can download my spreadsheet and use it whenever you wish.

What follows is an explanation of how to get things set up on your Google Drive.  If you do not have a Google account then perhaps someone will wish to convert my spreadsheet to work in Excel.

     InvestMete for Google Sheets

Download the above link.  It will look like an Excel spreadsheet but, alas, does not work in Excel.

Upload the file to your Google Drive by clicking My Drive and selecting Upload Files from the drop-down.


Open the spreadsheet.  It will look like below but will not be very useful.  Click Open with Google Sheets at the top.


Once saved it is ready for use.  You can remove my example symbols and replace with your own.

Only remove the symbols, not the information to its right! If you remove the information then you will be removing the formulas, and those rows will no longer work.


Go to File and select Save as Google Sheets.  This will save the spreadsheet so that you can use it whenever you wish.  The originally downloaded file can be removed from Google Drive.


It is possible that the formatting in the Amount column might get lost for new rows.


To fix this just click the G at the top of the column to select the entire thing.


Then go to FormatNumber and select Currency.  That will change all entries in the column to a format more helpful.


There is a line at the bottom of row 28.  This means that you have room for 25 stocks at any one time.  I would imagine that this should be plenty, but if you need more rows then click in cell A28 and drag over to column H to select them all.  Let up on the mouse button.


Hover over the tiny box at the bottom right corner until the cursor becomes a cross.  Click and drag down to add more rows.  This will copy the underlying formulas into the new rows.