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Date: 3/22/2018 7:54:21 AM
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Author: Cicero
Subject: 19492/19556 - RBC DIRECT INVESTING and automatic DRIP WTF?
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just finished talking to a RBC adviser after I bought my first shares using their online site. I wanted to ask him to issue share cert. for the co. that I invested in. He informed me that when I signed up for the investment account, RESP for the kids, that I checked the box for Drips and therefore any shares that I buy through this account will automatically be enrolled through the co.

This was very surprising considering all the info that I have read on this site and others that something like this was not talked about. (Im sure someone somewhere theres an article, pls let me know).

I made a point of asking if this was a synthetic drip, but he assured me that it was a real drip. SPP and OCP are different in that you have to go through the traditional process, which is describe on this and other sites. (he didnt know what a SPP was or didnt want to tell me:)

Because my mind was blown and I am still not sure if the info is correct, I was wondering has anyone heard of this or has one and what are the pos and or neg of this.

I feel like I just walked into a store and they said take this, no need to pay and have a great day. I was not looking forward to the issuing of cert. process so this was great. A little too good, which is my Im concerned, and looking for help from the community to better understand.

Thanks in Advance,

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