The Dividend Investing Resource Center

Letting Dividends Do Their Work


George L Smyth began investing in stocks in 1992. Behind in saving money for retirement and seeing an oncoming of college expenses for two, initial failure was followed by success when he realized the advantages of the long term dividend investing strategy.

After years of active participation in the forums of The Motley Fool, he was invited to become a weekly contributing author, writing numerous articles about dividend investing.

When the website changed their business model to charge for participation in the forums, in 2002 he created The Dividend Investing Resource Center so thar people would not only have a clearinghouse for information about dividend investing, but also a place where they would have a free community to ask questions and help one another.

The power of dividends can be used to slowly and steadily build wealth. Utilizing dividends as part of a responsible investing strategy is tried and true, and the many shapes the strategies take offer stability and a means of retaining capital for the patient investor.

The Dividend Investing Resource Center was created for the small investor without monster resources, who wants to take charge of his or her financial future. There are no penny stock tips or option plays suggested, just the steady stream of cash that drips into one's portfolio. This is where we seek to get wealthy over a long period of time.

This website was created to offer information about dividend investing and dividend reinvestment programs, as well as act as a forum for investors to ask questions and help others. Everything here is without charge, in the hopes that the information will be passed along.

The DIRC serves dividend investors from around the world. With half of visitors coming from the United States, the website also delivers content and help to those in Canada, Germany, and many other countries around the world.

The Prudent Investor is the associated blog that offers regular articles about dividend investing. Please check it out and perhaps subscribe to learn when new articles become available.

So welcome to the Dividend Investing Resource Center. Feel free to kick the tires and even participate in the Community. This is the place for those who have decided to use responsible investing to build their portfolio for the future.

The Dividend Investing Resource Center