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Date: 11/1/2018 4:22:33 PM
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Author: IKan Country Flag
Subject: 3197/3217 - Re: Eyes
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I have posted the answer to your invite before here on some board years(s) back (memory fails me on which one & when).

I leaned from a couple of 7 & 8 $$$ figure Day Traders how to know the what/how/why/when... for it all. It is so freaking easy once you know. The Discipline to wait for the criteria is the 99% hard part. The same rules, patterns, techs work for high priced stocks also.

One of my mentors is 24 years old and in his 4th year of trading and does not have to work/trade for the rest of their life due to the skills they have now as the 7 figure person (meaning they has 7 figures nicely tucked away now). Recently they made $100k on a Friday and ~$128K on the following Monday. For real.

The 8 figure person (under the age 40) laughs as he downsized recently and shows me daily how he makes $4K every freaking day in the 1st hour of the open markets. He is bored if you can imagine that.

I am still only using a small $$$ amount as I work on my discipline and consistency.

Do not listen to the meat heads on the TV, the bankers at your local branch.... if that worked everyone would be a millionaire easily.

There is a saying, "Hang around 4 millionaires and you will become the 5th."

AMD for example. It moves $1 to $2 in a day. Easy peezy. 1,000 share = an easy +$1,000 many days. Today its range was ~$2.00.

YECO on Oct. 17 went from ~$1.61 to high of $13.20. With a big volume increase. Then Oct. 18 it topped at $17.87. Then it crashed down the next days. All as these type of stocks do. Now if a person cannot make $10k, $50K in a day on this then they do not understand what it is all about and the should stay away as we will hand them their arse.

I know people who just made profits on AAPL as it held its conference call at 5:00 pm. today. It started dropping around 4:30 pm. as some people always know before things are released to the public on any company. That's life. So never guess before the report comes out. They Shorted it as it dropped $223.25 to $205.46 now. That is near a 9% drop.

Have a fun day/night.

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