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Investment Acronyms

by Ralph Wright

Acronym Meaning Comments
ABW Automatic Bank Withdrawal Canada Term - ACH
ACB Adjusted Cost Base Average Cost of Buying More Once
ACH Automatic Clearing House U.S.A. Term - ABW
AFAIK As Far As I Know  
AMR American Depository Receipt  
BMOIL BMO Investorline Discount Broker
BTW By The Way  
CAPM Captial Asset Pricing Model  
CDIC Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation  
CMHC Canadian Mortage and Housing Corporation  
CPI Consumer Price Index Inflation
CPP Canada Pension Plan  
CRA/CCRA Canada Revenue Agency Canada Taxman
DCA Dollar Cost Averaging  
DRASP TransAlta's name for their DRiP + SPP  
DRiP Dividend Reinvestment Plan  
DSP/DSPP Direct Share Purchase Plan  
EDTC Enhanced Dividend Tax Credit  
ETF Exchange Traded Fund  
FCF Free Cash Flow  
IMO In My Opinion  
IRS Internal Revenue Service U.S.A. Taxman
MER Management Expense Ratio  
NAV Net Asset Value  
OCP Optional Cash Payment/Optional Cash Purchase U.S.A. Term - SPP
OAS Old Age Security  
OT Off Topic  
OTOH On The Other Hand  
P/E Price/Earning  
PITA Pain In The Ass  
POV Point Of View  
RBCDI RBC Direct Investing Discount Broker
ROC Return On Capital  
ROE Return On Equity  
ROFL Roll On the Floor Laughing  
ROI Return On Investment  
RRIF Registered Retirement Income Fund  
RRSP Registered Retirement Saving Plan  
SPP Share Purchase Plan Canada Term - OCP
TDWH TD Waterhouse Discount Broker
TER Total Expense Ratio  
WADR With All Due Respect  

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