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Sample Email To Group Buy Members

Points of interest:

Welcome everyone:

Group Membership - boardname 1; ...; boardname 10

The following are the next few steps that I will be taking:

  1. Transfer money from my personal bank account to my discount brokerage (name of broker - link to fee guide) account - pending
  2. Execute trade once money has been deposited into trade account - pending on completion of step 1
  3. Notify group of purchase price plus final transaction costs - pending on completion of step 2
  4. Collect money - pending on completion of step 3
    • PayPal to your registered email (if you are using this please add $1.50 CDN to cover charges)
    • E-mail Money Transfer (if you are using this its fine as I believe the service charge is covered at your end)
    • Money Order
    • Cheque
    • Certified Cheque
  5. Order share certificate This can vary depending on your brokerage company(I will be ordering a single certificate for the 10 shares) - pending on completion of step 4
  6. Once the share certificate is received I will fill out the necessary paper work and submit it directly to Name Of TA the transfer agent for Name Of Company (with the documentation I will submit instructions to send the share certificate in your name with SPP/DRIP documentation directly to you.)- pending
  7. Collect Full Name you want the share Registered in (If in trust then Full Name ITF Child's Name) - in progress
    * Recommendation - The name that appears on the certificate should be the same name that you sign things with (i.e. cheques/drivers license/etc) or what name appears on your cheques that you would be sending in with your SPP payments.
  8. Collect Full mailing address - in progress
  9. Collect SASE - in progress

As you can see I have set Steps 7 & 8 and 9 as in progress. Please send me this information so that when the time comes that I need it, I will have it, so there will be less delays in completing the entire group buy process.

During my last group buy the TA sent all the certs back to me so I redistributed them at my expense so this time I am asking for SASE just incase (or we can add a few extra cents {$0.60} to the cost). Please let me know how you would like to proceed with step 9. Will you send SASE or add money to cost?

If I have missed anything or you have any questions please let me know.

Thank You again for joining my group and for your patience!

Here are my details:

Add your mailing address; email; and contact phone numbers

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