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An Explanation
For over 13 years, this website has hosted the Dividend Champions spreadsheet. This is no longer the case, and if you clicked to read this article, you deserve an answer. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending, but first, a little context.

An Explanation

by George L Smyth

For over 13 years, this website has hosted the Dividend Champions spreadsheet. This is no longer the case, and if you clicked to read this article, you deserve an answer. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending, but first, a little context.

The Context

In 2007 Dave Fish told me that he was thinking about putting together a spreadsheet that listed companies that had increased their dividend each of the past twenty-five years and asked if I would be willing to host the list at

I created this website to freely exchange information, due to The Motley Fool's unfortunate decision in 2002 to charge for access to their message boards (a decision they later reversed).  My response was to write message board software that would allow anyone to share information about dividends and dividend reinvestment programs.  Soon after, the website expanded to become a full resource for this knowledge.

Dave knew the history of the website - he was one of the many who moved from The Motley Fool's message boards to this location to become a very active participant, offering over 5,000 messages.  He wanted to make the information available as widely as possible, and I promised I would never impede anyone.

First, the Bad News …

When Dave Fish passed away three years ago, Justin Law took over maintenance of the list, and each month the spreadsheet was made available to all comers.  In April, he told me that he would be placing the list at Wide Moat Research.  My initial thought was, “the more, the merrier” because it might reach even more people.

Unfortunately, Justin decided to form an agreement with this company that gave them exclusive rights to distributing the spreadsheet.  He contacted me and demanded that I remove access to the spreadsheet on my website.  I attempted to reason with him, but he told me that we had never made a formal agreement, and his formal agreement with Wide Moat Research stipulated that they be the sole source of the information.

Indeed, there was never a formal agreement - I do not do things that way - so I decided to accede to his demand and removed the current spreadsheet.

Unfortunately, the list is no longer available to anyone who simply wants to go to a website and download it.  One can only obtain the spreadsheet by giving the company their email address and signing up for his newsletter.  At least Dave knows that I tried.

But Now the Good News …

Fortunately, there are alternative sources of information.  If you are not in the United States, you can check out the Canadian Dividend All-Star List, European Dividend Champions, Eurozone Dividend Champions, UK Dividend Champions, and even the Global CCC List, all linked from this website.

Also, fortunately, there is a replacement for the spreadsheet at Dividend Radar.  Dividend Radar used a rules-based approach and broker-grade data to ensure accuracy and consistency.  As this is not something that requires manual manipulation, it can be made available more frequently, so a new list is created every week.

All of the information I used with the old spreadsheet is there, as well as other information that may be helpful.  For instance, there is a Leader Board that lists the top 25% of Champions, Contenders, and Challengers according to their one-year total trailing returns.  This is interesting information, and depending upon one's dividend strategy, perhaps essential.

“Our pledge: Always free for individual and commercial use, no registration required.”

Best of all, one is not required to register to get the spreadsheet, nor give away personal information, nor receive solicitations from the company providing it.  Just go to the Dividend Radar website, scroll down the page, and download.  This is one of those instances where Alexander Graham Bell’s quote, “When one door closes another door opens,” is actually true.

Finishing Up

We live in times when a face-to-face handshake is no longer the norm, but we also live in times when there are plenty of people with the ability to step in when another falters.  The remainder of the above quote is, “we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the ones which open for us."  Dave Fish's idea of offering a spreadsheet of incredible dividend companies remains alive for all who want it, freely without obstruction.  It is a great time to be alive.



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