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Date: 11/30/2018 11:31:59 AM
Author: IKan Country Flag
Subject: 3206/3217 - Re: Nov 6
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At age 57 (still think I am 23) my cataract surgery went very well. Was at the hospital for 3 hours. Surgery took about 20 minutes they told me as I was asleep.

Now they do it all via a tiny pin hole size opening. I was told it is so small a drop of fluid could not pass though it. No incisions anymore.

My new lens has blue light & U.V. protection in it so it is no longer necessary to get these features in my prescription lens going forward. I had to pay $150 for the features.

During the 1st ~8 hours I could continually see a difference as the vision continued to improve.

The next day at my follow-up with the ophthalmologist I told her I was so happy with everything so far and I gave her a hug. She liked that. LOL.

My family doctor is known for her giving her patients a hug if they are getting bad news or are having a bad day. She was one year voted the most caring doctor in the city.

I am to have the other eye done in early 2019. So looking forward to it.

My stock trading I have backed down a bit and am just at the computer most days, not everyday, for about 1 or 3 hours at the most. As most traders know the 1st hour and last hour of the day are the most volatile and with the most volumes normally. Particularly for sub $10 stocks in the U.S. which is what I trade (applies to TSX & TSXv stocks also). Mid day is zombie hour and I almost never trade anything as the stocks may go sideways and may have the resulting channel tighten as the early afternoon progresses. Then the show begins again around 2:00 or 2:30 pm..

I have above my monitors a typed note reminding me that constant small amounts is all I need and will produce good results:

$200 / day = $50k / year
$400 / day = $100k / year
$1k / day = $250k / year
$4k / day = $1 Million / year.

That is to say $200 averaged per day over 1 year = $5k / year total.

2 of my mentors (I am always learning) are averaging $10k per day (he also is now trading at a prop firm with the firm's $$ and is being taught the most important thing after the mechanics of trading which is the psychology of trading. A lack of discipline & the understanding of psychology of themselves is why traders fail (pro or retail).

The other mentor is averaging $4K per day so far this year. This mentor really toned his trading and the $$$ amounts used down. LOL. (If only! I think to myself. LOL)

And both usually only trade for the 1st hour every morning. I am getting there but am a bit thick in the head with learning.

I learned of a guy, at the same above referred to prop firm, in the U.S. who was averaging $1 million per day last month for the firm trading stocks. Most of them sub $10 stocks.

I could have met the guy who started up & runs the prop firm this weekend but do not want to fly or drive hat distance yet. Oh well. Maybe soon.


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