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  • U.S. Dividend Champions

    U.S.Companies with 25+ Straight Years Higher Dividends
    Excel Spreadsheet   PDF Format      Updated 10/31/2014

    The U.S. Dividend Champions are maintained by Dave Fish of Moneypaper's, whose articles appear at Seeking Alpha.

  • Canadian Dividend All-Star List

    Canadian companies with five or more consecutive years of dividend increases. Download here

    Maintained by Michael Weber of Dividend Growth Investing & Retirement


  • DCA Model Calculator

    Version A   Version B   Version C   Version D

    Version A increases the dividend at the same rate as the price appreciation. Version B lets the user input a different rate of increase for the dividends. Version C takes things out 30 years and includes a graph and table of the results, and Version D users can use the values that are input for average monthly return and standard deviation, or they can find and enter their own for any index they choose too, or their expectations. Versions C and D are both thanks to Greg Player.


  • Investment Acronyms

    A listing of investment-related acronyms that are commonly encountered - by Ralph Wright


  • Glossary

    Investopedia has one of the most complete dictionaries of investment terminology

  • Quicken Tutorial For DRiPpers



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